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We’ve been around for nearly 25 years!  It’s amazing how fast time has gone.  What was once LogLink is now Grand Gazebos.

Although we’ve become well know for our iconic Australian Gazebo Kits and Cubbies, we’re just as passionate about our fantastic range of Pavilions, Day Bed Houses, Cubbies, Play Equipment and Pool Slides.

Their timeless attraction is guaranteed to add value and presence to your home. Place one where you will be able to pass the time in tranquil meditation.

Easy to assemble, they require no cutting or measuring of the timber. Koppers Superlogs are utilised for their longevity having a 40 year guarantee against dry rot or termite attack.

Our robust yet elegant structure utilises the time tested mortice and tenon joint to achieve its structural strength and integrity.

Assembly is logical and straight-forward; our designs make the job as easy as possible for you. Red cedar, which is renowned for its longevity and golden hue, is used on the roof and walls.

The handrail balusters and floor kits are supplied in hoop pine which has been treated to ward off termite attack and dry rot.

The frame is manufactured from Koppers logs that have been pressure treated to withstand at least 40 years of weathering and insect infestation. Galvanised fastenings and tie-down rods are used throughout.

We are able to package and freight to anywhere in Australia.

Originally, LogLink, Grand Gazebos and Cubbies has been established since 1994.

Grand Gazebos and Cubbies - Colonial style fence installed and painted
Grand Gazebos and Cubbies - 3.8m Hipped Pavilion on grass

Quality is what matters most

Being in business for so long means we have a pretty good idea about what our customers want.

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